18 May

Dis.Traction is finished and online. An action packed portrait of two times world wave sailing champion Marcilio Browne and Morgan Noireaux on Maui and the Canary Islands.

We take a closer look at how a real Pro trains, spends his down time and what goes into a day of sailing massive waves at Jaws.

24 May
As the final release date of the film draws closer we are happy to release a trailer to whet your appetite a little bit. The full film will be just under 20 minutes and will feature some of the best wave sailing spots on Maui.


13 Mar
It’s a wrap. As of today we officially wrapped up the shooting of [..BLACKWATER..] and the ‘Soul of Windsurfing’. Both projects have been extremely rewarding and will yield some pretty impressive footage. (more…)

02 Mar
These last weeks have been wild. The North Shore has been pumping out one historic swell after another, we have been exceedingly busy with our film projects and  (more…)

26 Feb
While he could have been competing at the ‘Eddie’ on Oahu, local Maui surfer Albee Layer preferred to go deep at Peahi. The WSL called this ‘probably one of the deepest barrel rides out there’. (more…)

27 Jan
The big day was still a few days away when we woke up this morning to check the waves at Peahi. What greeted us was some of the biggest surf I have seen hit these shores. (more…)