Together with some of the world’s best freeride snowboarders we left for the Caucasian mountains on the border of Russia and Georgia. During a quick stopover in Moscow we learned that the Russian’s truly know how to party.

Whale suffering the consequences of our night out we had to hike and bring our gear up to base camp the next day. Somehow we managed and set up only to be greeted by a mild snowstorm.

The next day the weather was perfect and we started acclimatizing by tackling our first ascents. Amazing nature.

For about ten days we stayed in the base camp, returning to nature in many different ways. No running water, no heat and the next best thing to a supermarket was about a 3 hour hike away. Never before have we felt so alive though.

Soon we ran into some local soldiers who were stationed at the border that we passed almost daily. Despite the language barrier and the fact that they never went anywhere with out their assault rifles, we got along great and truly enjoyed our time in this ravaged land.

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