What Dreamers Do…we packed up the entire family, our two boys and sometimes our mothers to chase waves and adventure around the globe. To show that traveling with kids (and mothers) is one hell of a ride and certainly adds some spice we are shooting a documentary of the entire journey.

There is the first teaser summarizing Indonesia and the the first part of Australia, and now there is the brand new highlight reel which adds Tahiti and Hawaii into the mix. Make sure to check back soon as with Central America on the menu there’s bound to be more interesting things to come.

  • 2
    Past Hana, Maui
  • Moorea, Tahiti
  • Scooter repair, Bali
  • Ceremony, Bali
  • North east Australia
  • Family transport, Bali
  • Bali, Bingin
  • Rice Farmer, Hinterland, Bali
  • Monkey Boys, Bali
  • Post Surf, Noosa, Australia
  • Byron Bay, Australia
  • Bayron Bay, Australia