All good things come to an end…well the last year has certainly been a very good thing. We have traveled the four corners of the worlds as a family and have lived through adventures and setbacks.

As our trip is slowly drawing to a close there is just so much we have taken away with us. We have grown closer as a family, we have met some truly inspiring people, we have also met some world class shit heads (they robbed us at gunpoint on the beach), but on balance we’ve had an eye opening experience.

The world is getting smaller and cultures that even just 20 years ago were still very commanding are now disappearing into the international stew of social media dominance. There seems to be no escaping this. Whether on a tiny island in the South Pacific or in some backwater town in Central America, more and more people seem to value interaction with their devices over real encounters.

Of course we have also had glimmers of hope in the most unlikely places. In a few months time our ‘What Dreamers Do…’ series will shed some light on our experiences in the form of a mini series. We hope to encourage anyone who’s willing to look beyond the next corner to do so!

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